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Welcome to orquídea IT Services GmbH

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Welcome to orquidea – an end-to-end IT services and software development company that can help you succeed. With unparalleled research and development capabilities and a world-class IT services team, we are a true-blue end-to-end IT solutions provider that can help you solve the problems of tomorrow, today. orquidea is a truly global company with offices in two continents and an international team that truly resonates the spirit of Switzerland with its diversity.

About us

Welcome to the world of orquidea! An innovative end-to-end IT services and solutions provider and a software development company.

Lifecycle Management

As entrepreneurs and researchers continue to seek answers to unanswered questions or find innovative solutions to unsolved problems, we often find ourselves to be nearly outdated.

Workplace Virtual Apps and Desktops

We at orquidea believe that virtualization, automation and flexibility are the future for every organization.

Software Development

At orquidea, we believe that every problem must have a future-proof, world-class solution that can bring a smile to the user’s face.

Jobs Offers

A highly innovative and research-focused software development company that strives to create future-proof solutions for diverse industry verticals.


orquidea IT Services GmbH
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phone +41 43 5081236
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Matterhorn mountain
Alm in Switzerland

Increasing the impact of IT for your business

As an end-to-end IT services and solutions provider and a software development company, we assist organizations around the world with our innovative and transformative solutions. We help organizations rethink the way they see technology, operations and service delivery to meet and overcome business challenges. As companies increasingly look to enhance efficiency, reduce risk, manage compliance and scale to meet data and storage growth while meeting budgetary requirements, we help them make the right decision, every time.

At orquidea, we know that the world of IT is always changing. As the turbulent, never resting cyberspace continues to evolve, so do we – our skill development and upgradation programs ensure that our consultants are always in sync with the times. Our methodologies too, change with time. This is built into our team DNA as an agile, responsive company. We deliberate, innovate and update – constantly.

Welcome to orquidea world.

Your local IT and Software Development partner.

We’re there for you – always! At orquidea, we believe in challenging the status quo. With our world-class facilities around the world, we are ready to help you succeed. The experienced consultants at our Switzerland office will help your organization to implement intelligent virtualization and next-generation IT infrastructure to help you scale on-demand.