Lifecycle Management

The world is changing at an incredible pace.

As entrepreneurs and researchers continue to seek answers to unanswered questions or find innovative solutions to unsolved problems, we often find ourselves to be nearly outdated. Such situations are most common in the world of IT, where updates and changes can occur nearly every day – and in some cases every hour.

As newer vulnerabilities in both hardware and software are discovered every day, so are the solutions to patch them. However, many companies around the world continue to work the old-fashioned way – adhering to the principle of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This often results in the accumulation of old, archaic, legacy systems that are outdated and cannot scale up to the demands of today.

When manufacturers withdraw support for older systems, these platforms can quickly become a burden for most companies. This means that the manufacturer will no longer make product improvements, accept warranty claims, or provide security or non-security patches.

Failing to take timely action will increase your company or its product’s risk of being targeted by cyberattacks, facing capacity overruns, and sometimes non-compliance. This also leaves your company at the mercy of the outdated platform and to live with the performance issues that naturally arise over time when support is no longer in place. Additionally, outdated hardware and software cause employee dissatisfaction and lower productivity levels at work.

At orquidea, we believe that time is limited.

Strategic and efficient

Our efforts must be strategic and efficient to ensure a world-class working environment for our customers. We accomplish this by combining qualitative investigation and advanced data collection tools. Our experienced consultants assess the current state of your IT infrastructure and develop an executable migration or update roadmap.

Business Success

At orquidea, our IT lifecycle management services are focused around one core area – business success. We work tirelessly to help you perform phased updates to both your hardware and software so your teams can focus on performance and client satisfaction. If you believe that your company can reap the benefits of IT Lifecycle Management, contact our consultants today!

Our assessment can help you to:

  • Assess your existing IT infrastructure
  • Define business and IT requirements
  • Create an effective migration plan
  • Minimize costs, risks, and missteps