Software Development Center in India

Experience quality and reliability like never before

At orquidea, we understand your needs and showcase that in the products we develop for you. Our commitment to quality, efficiency and reliability is the hallmark of the products we create for you.
As a truly global and multicultural organization, project managers, software developers and engineers from our offices around the world work as one team – ensuring the same commitment to quality at all times. Our offices around the world are governed by the norms set by our headquarters in Germany. Thus, we are a global software company with a global heart.

The orquidea difference

We believe that quality and value go hand-in-hand. We ensure this by developing quality software at our Software Development Centre maracana in India. Hiring world-class engineers, data-scientists and mathematicians at our wholly owned subsidiary in India helps us to offer you greater value and provide high-quality, cutting-edge solutions.

The power of choice

When it comes to high-quality software development, we leave no stone unturned. With orquidea, you have the power of choice.

Choose the approach that works best for you. Our optional services include:

  • Dedicated teams
  • Dedicated offices with a separate network
  • Security guards on premise to eliminate chances of data theft
  • Server-based computing to ensure that our teams work on servers in Germany/Switzerland and your data never leaves Germany/Switzerland

Why choose us?

Operating as one cohesive unit, our offices around the world adapt culturally and technically to each other to ensure that they can deliver the best of both worlds. Having offices in multiple locations around the world gives us several benefits and an edge over the competition.

These include:

We consistently deliver high-quality products. All our offices are governed by our headquarters in Germany. This ensures compliance through standardized coding practices and audits.

Project management and recruitment are also handled by our headquarters in Germany. This ensures that we use the same high standards for all our employees around the world and that we do not compromise on quality.

With a German-speaking single point of contact for your project, you stay informed at all times. This also ensures that your queries and concerns are addressed in time.

For our customers who require highly secure business environments, our secure office locations in Germany, Switzerland and India are manned by security guards 24/7. This ensures that data storage devices never leave our premises and eliminates chances of data theft.

If you need a dedicated team to work on your project, we have got your back. Our dedicated teams can also leverage the power of server-based computing to ensure that work is done on servers in Germany or Switzerland. Your data is safe and will never leave Germany or Switzerland at any time.

Our cost-effective operations in India allow us to maintain a large pool of highly skilled engineers, data-scientists and mathematicians. This team combined with our teams in Germany and Switzerland allows us to scale on-demand.

Experience and trust

Our teams have already delivered multiple solutions for our clients around the world. Powered by our Software Development Centre maracana in India, we have successfully developed and deployed projects for our global clients in record time. Our multi-cultural team ensures the same quality that you would expect from a Swiss or German company for all products developed by our team in India.

If you are looking for a reliable and world-class software provider, look no further. At orquidea, we will ensure quality, reliability and trust at all times. Schedule a consultation to know more about how we can help you succeed, today!