Software Development

Challenge the ordinary – everyday

The world is full of challenges and problems. The world is also full of solutions. Organizations around the world have very unique problems and often require unique solutions to them, but feel constrained by workarounds and patches needed by off-the-shelf software to solve these problems. Additionally, poorly-engineered solutions add to this frustration by providing software that does everything except solving the problem at hand.

At orquidea, we believe that every problem must have a future-proof, world-class solution that can bring a smile to the user’s face. We understand that trying to fit into generic software is not the way forward for innovative companies that have complex requirements which need solutions that can simplify and address them. We create software that will understand the needs of your users and give innovative solutions that will help them work better, faster, quicker and smarter.

Smart solutions for a smarter world

As a world welcomes innovation with open arms, it also brings along a new set of problems – problems that need solutions that are smarter than them. At orquidea, we put great effort into creating solutions that click – and give you a smart answer for a smart problem. Our solutions ensure:

Our solutions ensure:

  • A completely custom-made, bespoke solution that fits your needs
  • Well-tested, high-quality software that just works out of the box
  • World standards compliant processes and code that goes well with solutions from other vendors
  • The freedom to choose complementary software
  • A guaranteed path to success for your teams

Why choose us?

Consultants at orquidea have spent years perfecting the fine art of making software that fits like a glove. We understand the problems that organizations can face while trying to adapt to solutions that were made for them instead of having it the other way round. At orquidea we believe in the 5-pronged approach that helps us create innovative solutions:

We listen
Our requirement gathering process is extensive and ensures that we do not miss anything at the outset.

We understand
We spend a lot of time understanding the core problem at hand so that we can provide you with a solution, not a digitization of the existing process.

We research
Our consultants research for you so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

We innovate
Our speciality is in creating ground-breaking solutions that are truly innovative and is built for the task.

We deliver
Commitment to timelines, budgets and feature sets is considered to be the default behaviour for us.

Our Promise

The software development team at orquidea is committed to excellence, quality and delivering as per set timelines. We put you first – so that you can solve the problems at hand in time. As an organization, orquidea is here to help you drive business growth and become your formula of success.

At orquidea, we promise to deliver a solution that is

  • Simple We believe that complex problems need simple solutions.
  • Frustration-free Our solutions help you succeed and do not create additional hoops that you jump through.
  • Built to last We test our software extensively, to beyond its breaking point so that your organization comes out with flying colours even in the most trying circumstances.
  • Scalable We engineer our solutions to grow with you.
  • Future-proof We use the technology of tomorrow to solve the problems of today, helping you transition to upcoming innovations better.
  • Low maintenance We do a good job at the outset, to ensure minimal breakdowns and maximum ROI
  • Provides you total control Your software, your way. That is our guarantee.

Software Development NG

The world we live in today is connected, and intelligent. Nearly every device we use in our daily life is intelligent, smart, connected or a combination of these three words that dominate our lives today.

Software Development Products

The world of software is vast – from small pieces of code that programmers write to automate mundane tasks, to multi-million-dollar installations of complex enterprise-grade software that take years to develop.

Software Development Classical

Our traditional software development services help our customers with domain-specific innovations that include: Web Development, App Development,  N-Tiered Enterprise Applications

Research and Development

A highly innovative and research-focused software development company that strives to create future-proof solutions for diverse industry verticals.

Software Development Center in India

Engineering teams at orquidea have been working with clients around the world for years. With customers in nearly every continent around the globe, orquidea works with a multi-cultural, international clientele.

We put you first

If you have a complex problem that needs an innovative solution, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our consultants love a challenge – give them one!