Working at orquidea

Your needs are our motivation

Who are we?

At orquidea, we know that the world of IT is always changing. This is built into our DNA as an agile, responsive company. We deliberate, innovate and update – constantly. We’re orquidea—a world-class IT services and software development company.

What do we do?

We help organizations rethink the way they see technology, operations and service delivery to meet and overcome business challenges. As companies increasingly look to enhance efficiency, reduce risk, manage compliance and scale to meet data and storage growth while meeting budgetary requirements, we help them make the right decision, every time.

How do we work?

At orquidea, we put a lot of focus and effort on the continuing professional development and training of our teams. This ensures that our team members stay abreast with the latest technologies available around the world and also get an option to grow within the organization.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for dynamic, energetic, focused individuals who believe that success can best be achieved as a team. We encourage a culture of learning and helping others to achieve collective success. We are a close-knit group of project managers, IT consultants, software engineers, mathematicians and statisticians who believe that their success is determined by the success of their clients.

Our approach to success

As a research-driven company, we strive to bring about a culture of free-thinking, friendliness, respect and tolerance. Coupled with our efforts that encourage cooperation and fairness, team members at orquidea love their workplace and their work.

We take great pride in our amazing company culture and values that help us, and our clients succeed:

  • We are analytical – we get to the depth of things to provide lasting solutions, not quick fixes
  • We are innovative – we do not shy away from using an unorthodox approach
  • We work as a team – whether it is within the company or with our clients
  • We are committed to quality in everything we do
  • We communicate clearly and well to eliminate gaps in implementation
  • We love challenges – it keeps us on our toes
  • We understand that your success is our success

For over 15 years,

our consultants have been helping to improve the applications of cutting-edge technology in businesses globally. Our innovative, cross-platform software development services have ensured stability, quality, high availability and reliability even in demanding situations.

If you believe that you would fit well with a close-knit team that takes great pride in helping others to achieve collective success while solving complex problems, you’re at the right place.