Partners Virtualization

The freedom of choice – one size may not fit all!

The world of virtualization is vast – with dozens of vendors and an equally diverse number of offerings, you need to choose a solution that best fits your requirements and budget. However, not every vendor can offer you all the features that you need. Overshooting your IT budget can be a major financial drain for your company and disrupt your future expansion plans.

We at orquidea understand that your needs and budget allocations are as diverse as the number of virtualization vendors in the market. This is why we believe in the power of customization to ensure that our solutions match your requirements.

We accomplish this with our large partner portfolio that comprises of the best vendors the industry has to offer. Our expert consultants leverage our portfolio and their deep understanding of virtualization to create a solution that is just the right fit for your organization.

Team orquidea is committed to your long-term success and will offer solutions that will help you grow while ensuring that you do not get tied down to a single vendor.


Reinventing the office – Now from anywhere

It is important to ensure that your business continuity planning regimen adds scope for virtualization and having a mobile office. This helps to simplify user access and ensures employee productivity at all times.


Safety – now with just one click

Organizations around the world have grappled with data security and malware for decades. As our organizations get increasingly agile, the need for on-demand workplaces such as setting up at client locations or working from home have become more of a need than a want. Limiting employee access directly hinders productivity, and giving full control means having to manage a deluge of malware, ransomware and other exploits if the data they access is compromised.


Collaborate and share – from virtually anywhere!

Organizations often require desktop sharing to showcase work progress, collaborate on documents or to access shared resources. What was once the domain of network and IT teams for unattended server management and control is now available organization-wide for viewing streaming video or audio, file-sharing, desktop sharing and more.


Experience affordability and agility – with Parallels

Organizations around the world are embracing the virtualization revolution. Virtualization has countless benefits for organizations as it removes complexities in access control, application distribution and management. Virtualization is especially important today as an increasingly high number of companies move to a work-from-home approach for their employees.

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