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The freedom of choice – one size may not fit all!

The world of virtualization is vast – with dozens of vendors and an equally diverse number of offerings, you need to choose a solution that best fits your requirements and budget. However, not every vendor can offer you all the features that you need. Overshooting your IT budget can be a major financial drain for your company and disrupt your future expansion plans.

We at orquidea understand that your needs and budget allocations are as diverse as the number of virtualization vendors in the market. This is why we believe in the power of customization to ensure that our solutions match your requirements.

We accomplish this with our large partner portfolio that comprises of the best vendors the industry has to offer. Our expert consultants leverage our portfolio and their deep understanding of virtualization to create a solution that is just the right fit for your organization.

Team orquidea is committed to your long-term success and will offer solutions that will help you grow while ensuring that you do not get tied down to a single vendor.


Reinventing the office – Now from anywhere

It is important to ensure that your business continuity planning regimen adds scope for virtualization and having a mobile office. This helps to simplify user access and ensures employee productivity at all times.

Citrix is a world leader in connected workplaces, helping organizations streamline business data, provide secure and managed access to applications and services, and giving employees the tools they need to succeed, irrespective of their physical location. Citrix has solutions for organizations of all sizes even if you are a small company or a startup that has a few application and configuration requirements. Citrix can ensure that employees who may not have the hardware resources to run the applications you use in the office can leverage the power of Citrix to enhance productivity. If you are a large enterprise that needs a full-scale desktop and remote administrative capabilities, Citrix has got you covered with state-of-the-art cloud-based and on-premise solutions that can manage access and application delivery workloads. Citrix combines the power of networks, security and collaboration to help organizations utilize the web, virtual, mobile and SaaS apps from one simple, easy-to-use interface that works on nearly every device. This centralized approach for workspace management helps IT teams manage deployment better, simplify user access and provide you with the apps and tools you need at all times. This also helps employees work around device compatibility and hardware requirements while ensuring enhanced productivity and low downtime. Newer employees can get up-to-speed faster with pre-configured interfaces that help them to spend their time learning new tools and not waiting for them to be installed and configured. Consultants at orquidea have spent years helping organizations of all sizes embrace the power of virtualisation. We specialize in eradicating the complexity from the deployment and configuration process of Citrix, helping your employees get the tools they need to help your business succeed.


Safety – now with just one click

Organizations around the world have grappled with data security and malware for decades. As our organizations get increasingly agile, the need for on-demand workplaces such as setting up at client locations or working from home have become more of a need than a want. Limiting employee access directly hinders productivity, and giving full control means having to manage a deluge of malware, ransomware and other exploits if the data they access is compromised.

Enter Ivanti – an application control system that reduces risk, enhances productivity, elevates your security strategy and makes whitelisting and app control a breeze. Ivanti is used by over 70% of the Fortune 100 companies and is a leader in unified security and endpoint management systems. At orquidea, we believe that there must be an optimal balance between employee enablement and data security. Little to no control can result in data breaches and a compromised network, whereas too much control can impact employee productivity. Our consultants have helped many companies use tools such as Ivanti Application Control to create the perfect balance between productivity and control, helping employees perform better while ensuring data security. Ivanti Application Control prevents unauthorized code execution to dramatically reduce and mitigate threats while ensuring that users have all the rights they need to stay productive. This helps organizations to easily enforce user compliance and maintain license control. Using secure kernel-level filter drivers coupled with NTFS security policies allows Ivanti Application manager to intercept all execution requests and block any unwanted applications. Is your organization ready to strike the right balance between productivity and security? If yes, contact our experienced consultants to help you change the way you grant access, today.


Collaborate and share – from virtually anywhere!

Organizations often require desktop sharing to showcase work progress, collaborate on documents or to access shared resources. What was once the domain of network and IT teams for unattended server management and control is now available organization-wide for viewing streaming video or audio, file-sharing, desktop sharing and more.

As geographical boundaries between individuals and offices are no longer relevant due to the advent of high-speed internet, companies have realized the potential of virtual, cloud-based or on-premise desktops such as NoMachine. At orquidea, we believe that employees must be free from geographical and machine restrictions, allowing them to work on the tool of their choice from where they prefer. With the highly-secure, enterprise-grade access controls provided by NoMachine, employees can ensure that they can work from wherever they are, with their tools of choice. NoMachine helps organizations ensure secure, high-speed access to virtual or remote desktops from anywhere. The possibilities of the implementation of NoMachine are endless. From systems administrators using NoMachine to control remote servers, to large teams accessing business desktops while on the move – NoMachine facilitates high-speed and secure access, fostering a collaborative culture amongst your team. NoMachine has numerous benefits for smaller organizations and large enterprises alike. These include:

  • Desktop Sharing
    Users can connect to a PC or Mac to easily view share and collaborate on the same desktop, regardless of the operating system on their device. With no limits on the number of users in enterprise licenses, teams can collaborate without limitations
  • Rich media access
    With streaming audio and video available along with file sharing, users can work from home, while accessing all the tools they need to succeed from their office desktop.
  • Secure access to data
    Seamless integration with tools such as Duo and PAM-OKTA make NoMachine a robust and highly secure way to control remote access to corporate data.
  • Ease of access through the browser
    With NoMachine, your device does not matter as long as it can support a recent modern browser. This enables customer-facing professionals to access their office machines securely to demonstrate their solutions at client locations without being tied down with a heavy laptop.
  • Cloud-based connection brokerage
    NoMachine’s cloud server allows organizations to provide centralized access to the entire NoMachine server stack.
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption
    Support for H.264 encoding on the server allows for significantly reduced bandwidth usage while streaming

At orquidea, we strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. We believe that your success is our success, that is why we include cutting-edge technologies such as NoMachine into our portfolio so that your employees can drive your business to success. Our certified, experienced and world-class consultants can help you make a seamless transition to NoMachine or to a technology provider of your choice. Set up a meeting with one of our expert consultants to know more about how orquidea can help you integrate NoMachine into your organization.


Experience affordability and agility – with Parallels

Organizations around the world are embracing the virtualization revolution. Virtualization has countless benefits for organizations as it removes complexities in access control, application distribution and management. Virtualization is especially important today as an increasingly high number of companies move to a work-from-home approach for their employees.

We at orquidea have spent many years perfecting our virtualization migration methodologies that help our clients get the best of both worlds—affordability and reliability. With virtualization, we help our clients migrate to an extremely affordable, yet rock-solid, policy-driven system which empowers their employees with the applications they need without hardware, software or geographical limitations. Working from home has the advantage of letting employees work in their comfort zone, which helps them perform better. However, working from home also comes with an additional headache of providing hardware and software to the employee, along with taking care of data security and access control. Parallels RAS has been at the forefront of the virtualization domain for years. Parallels helps organizations successfully embrace a digital transformation through virtualisation. Parallels ensures that organizations can easily:

  • Enhance their data security by centralizing, monitoring and restricting access to strategic corporate assets.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership through virtualization.
  • Scale hardware and software resources on-demand, with minimal downtime
  • Allow remote working by providing seamless access to virtual desktops and apps at anytime from anywhere.
  • Be a truly agile business in every way by addressing business demands in real time.

Additionally, Parallels helps organizations adopt flexible cloud deployment models and infrastructure—using a mix-and-match approach that can easily combine RDSH, VDI, hypervisors, hyperconverged systems, and hybrid and public clouds to meet business demands. Parallels also eases migrations from one provider to the other, helping organizations transition seamlessly and with minimal fuss and anxiety. The extremely experienced and world-class consultants at orquidea have spent years helping organizations roll out access and role based software to employees on virtual desktops, reducing downtime and eliminating any hardware-based limitations for them. At orquidea we believe that the future is very virtual and this need is very real. Contact us today to help you take the virtual plunge!

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