Application process

at orquidea IT Services GmbH

Your first five steps to success

A diverse, multicultural organization has the benefit of providing its team diversity in terms of training, professional backgrounds, origins and cultures. Diversity helps individuals learn and grow both personally and professionally. At orquidea, we celebrate and embrace diversity in every form. Our truly diverse, international team has members from around the world, who work together to deliver world-class solutions for our clients.

Our methodology

Our flat hierarchy and a flexible, interdisciplinary working style ensure that team members help each other to create truly outstanding products. Our mathematicians, researchers and developers work together on new projects to create innovative, user-centric products using the latest technologies available today.

At orquidea, we prioritize in information exchange across teams. Our mentors and experts create conditions conducive for learning and growth so that our developers can work on the best solutions possible.

Our Recruitment Process

The search for interesting, skilled candidates is managed by the recruitment team at orquidea. Instead of relying completely on advertisements and job posts, our teams also contact talented candidates directly to ensure that we do not leave finding the best talent to chance.

The selection of new team members at orquidea is an extremely engaging and important process. We hire candidates that are comfortable working in a company like ours and do not feel out of place in the organization. We analyze candidates both personally and professionally to ensure the perfect fit!

How do we recruit

We hire candidates through recommendations, direct e-mails, the careers page on our website, hiring portals and direct recruitment drives. Regardless of the method, all candidates go through our 5-stage hiring process before they join us.