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AI – the future of our world lies in business intelligence

AI is everywhere. From IoT-enabled devices to home appliances, industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, mobile phones, and wearables, AI makes its presence felt and required in nearly everything. Promising to drive future user experiences that are immersive, continuous and conversational, AI applications are increasing by the day. The technology is expanding at a rapid pace to improve the adoption and implementation of these experiences.

What is AI?

AI or artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary science concerned with building intelligent machines and software that can efficiently perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Simply put, AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines that mimic the natural intelligence of humans (or animals).

What are the uses and types of AI?

AI is everywhere—as AI-driven natural language processing enabled virtual assistants such as Siri, Google and Alexa in your phone to spambots in your email and credit-card fraud detection software on websites. AI is also built into apps and devices to assist in self-driven systems, recommendations for products or speech recognition.

AI is typically classified into two different types—narrow and general. Narrow AI is all around us every day—in computers, mobile phones and devices that have learned how to carry out tasks without being programmed to do so. A popular example is automatically tagging people in photos on Google Photos and Facebook. General AI has still not moved out of the domain of movies and books of fantasy. General AI is an adaptable and flexible form of intelligence capable of carrying out tasks from haircutting to building websites or reasoning about topics by experience. A good example would be Skynet from the movie Terminator. AI is often used to tackle tasks that are too complex for humans to perform quickly.

AI in enterprise applications

Enterprises often face the challenges of sifting through large volumes of data. A popular example would be trying to gather meaningful and valuable insights from Twitter. On average, we send over 500 million tweets every day. Extracting valuable data from this data set is an enormous effort for humans and a fantastic field of research for AI. Finding trending hashtags and topics for a business can be valuable, and AI can help enterprises get this data for effective marketing or building better products.

AI has also found its way into content marketing and recommendation engines. Companies are now looking at content marketing to produce stories that boost traffic and enhance brand awareness. These stories are served to users as recommended articles with relevant content.

Customer service is another avenue where AI is showing immense growth potential. Chatbots that mimic customer service agents can reduce the amount of workload on actual customer service teams by up to 90%, answering redundant questions automatically and hand-holding customers so they can connect with a representative in the case of need.

How can AI help your business succeed?

We produce over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day from sources such as IoT sensors in the home, social media posts, pictures, videos, purchase transactions, and GPS location data. This makes data more valuable than oil and can transform the way you do business. You can understand your customer’s needs, analyze trends and create better, more meaningful products for your customers. If you thought this is not valuable enough, back in 2014, Nucleus Research concluded that for every dollar spent on AI, returns had exceeded $13. That is 13 times per dollar. If you are a company that is planning to invest $10,000 in AI, you can do the math.

How can orquidea help your organization with intelligent software?

Whether you are a first-time AI adopter or an organization requiring an AI audit, we’ve got the resources and the solutions for you. As a first-time adopter, we can help you assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI—and then help you adopt and assimilate AI into business operations. This means that we will help you analyze your use cases and then develop AI-driven software that will help your business succeed.

If your existing AI systems are underperforming, our team of experts can review your algorithms, check the business logic, security and usability. We can then upgrade or redesign this software to help you save your investment and expand the reach of your AI systems.

Our world-class mathematicians, developers and AI business consultants will help you design a solid long-term AI strategy that will create a sustainable AI-driven ecosystem for your business. We will implement, build and scale a seamless company-wide adoption of AI for a better impact that will last.

Female AI engineer working in office
Team of AI and ML engineers working in office
Female AI engineer working with laptop in office

orquidea’s world-class AI resources

Our team will help you avoid AI development pitfalls. At orquidea, we believe that an AI implementation must be intelligent. This is why our world-class team of engineers, mathematicians, developers and consultants work in tandem to ensure better model training for high-quality decision making. Our teams ensure that our ML model training approach and data is transparent and interpretable—helping us breach the 98% reliability barrier of algorithmic accuracy consistently.

orquidea’s AI team consists of the following resources:

  • Mathematicians
    Our mathematicians and statisticians understand the importance of logical reasoning and attention to detail. With their expertise in linear algebra, calculus, probability and much more, our mathematical geniuses are ready to take on the challenges that you may send their way.
  • Consultants
    AI consulting is a very specific field. Our AI consultants have years of experience understanding the business impact of AI and how practical AI implementations can help your organization succeed.
  • Developers
    Our AI-specific developers have spent years building AI functionality into applications and products. Our developers know what it takes to build a truly intelligent application with many successful AI algorithm and logic integrations and implementations under their belt.
  • Project managers
    No project can be successful without a dedicated project manager—and for an AI project, even more so. Our experienced AI project management team will help manage and steer AI and ML-based projects to success while maintaining timelines.

AI R&D at orquidea

Team of AI and ML engineers working in office

The benefit of having your own AI R&D center is effective management, process implementation and tailor-made solutions that work. At orquidea, we have a dedicated AI R&D center that can help your organization reap the benefits of working with an experienced IT services partner no matter what your need may be. Whether you’re thinking of developing an AI-powered solution for insurance claim processing or building an AI-driven training app, or managing compliance using NLP—we’ve done it all.

The orquidea difference

At orquidea, every project is a new challenge. We spend time understanding your needs better so that we can create powerful, simple, unobtrusive AI-driven solutions for you. Our benefit comes from our unique resource pool and experience in developing, maintaining and auditing AI-driven solutions across industry verticals.

Contact us today If you believe that your company has a challenge that is best solved by AI. One of our AI project specialists will schedule a consultation with you to best analyze your needs and help you to make an informed, intelligent business decision.

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