IT Project Management

Supercharging your project for success

Supporting the needs of our customers

Success in the IT industry is measured not by delivering projects in time, ensuring customer satisfaction or having a great product that performs as intended – it is the seamless combination of all of these factors and much, much more. With the competitive nature of the global IT industry today, it is important for a company to manage their projects well – whether these projects are internal or external.

At orquidea, our project management team specializes in supporting the needs of our customers in ensuring quality, standardization, reliability, transparency and customer satisfaction at all times. Our consultants are dynamic, experienced and understand that every company, every product and every project is unique – whether it is the challenges that the project poses to the organization or the standards it is expected to match. We ensure that we strategize, plan and revamp the way your project functions until handoff.

With our belief in the power of agile project management using SCRUM and KANBAN, we help your teams to manage critical projects better. Our project management specialists ensure:

Our consultants rapidly diagnose issues, plan and provide effective corrective action and bring your projects back on track.

We help you manage your project until you have a team in place, ensuring a seamless transition back to your organization if needed.

We have the experts your project needs. We can help you reduce dependency on key resources and ensure compliance and quality at all levels.

Whether your organization feels a shortfall of analysts, project managers or controllers, we can help you with supplemental resources both in the long and short term.

Failure is not an option for our consultants. We will help you to turn your project around.

The certified, highly experienced project management consultants at orquidea bring industry-standard practices, processes, templates and metrics to your project, ensuring reliability, quality, compliance and on-time delivery. Whether your need is immediate, planned, temporary or long-term, we are here to help you succeed.

With years of experience and a demonstrated history of managing diverse projects across industry verticals, we are your partners for project management in the case of need.