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When choosing an IT partner, reliability is vital. With years of expertise on our side, we never fail to pay attention to detail. We’ve developed customized IT solutions for businesses that were well thought out and competent. We’ve done it all backup, mail servers, virtualization, IT support, cloud solutions, IT security and more. Our work efficiency reflects in our client’s uncomplicated and organized ease of business operations.

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We offer

We encourage innovation and assist entrepreneurs in clearing the path for their breakthrough business ideas with streamlined processes.

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Cloud Solutions, access is key

Take your business along, everywhere! Whether its Office 365, AWS or Azure transition to the cloud & make your business truly mobile. With orquidea’s cloud solutions, your IT infrastructure will always be available, no matter where you are. Let us help your business to grow to its fullest potential unhindered.

Server virtualization, find structure and order in infinite data

Always stay in control. Virtualization helps you and your employees to break the limitations of hardware and individual licensing. Now drive productivity levels from any device, anywhere!

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Work from anywhere, a good VPN is all you need

Let your workforce collaborate securely with our VPN solutions. Protect your business from unauthorized access, while securing your servers and data. Work on your corporate hardware and networks from anywhere – with just an internet connection.

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World-class intrusion detection and backup solutions

Here’s something that your business can depend on! Security is essential for every business. With incidents of cybercrime on the rise, our industry-leading intrusion detection, prevention, and data backup solutions are what you need to transact with confidence.

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System and network administration, set up & maintain hassles, gone for good

Your networks – now planned, organized, and maintained better! Our system and network administrators will eliminate downtime and boost business growth.

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Security guaranteed, data theft is no joke

The need to protect your data and networks is more than ever before. Furnish your business with reliable anti-virus and firewall solutions. orquidea provides back up, secures your networks, and cloud solutions you can rely on.

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Telephony solutions, now talk freely

Communicate without boundaries. Onboard VOIP (Voice over IP) and get a safe and reliable network on the latest technology. We undertake seamless installation as well as support for VOIP. Experience telecommunication at its best with orquidea.

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Wireless technologies, declutter & tap into possibilities.

Experience flexibility and network reliability at its finest! Let’s talk about the guest functionality which allows your guests the internet access. Guest access is created while keeping the security aspects intact. Our network experts will help you to plan, design and secure a wireless network with ease! World-class, high-speed networking – now cable-free!

Is your business up to speed? Let us get you there.

Tailor-made optimized systems

Every business is different. At orquidea, we understand your specific needs to give you highly customized, tailor-made IT solutions that drive business growth. We can help to optimize your existing system or set up new infrastructure from the ground up.

That’s not all. We offer and host next-generation solutions that include:

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Network security with intrusion prevention and detection

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Virtual private networks and intra-office networking

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IT Infrastructure design, planning, and administration

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Hardware and software configuration and management

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ERP solutions

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End-user IT and network support

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Virtualization and licensing management

We understand your business needs better. With years of experience and an outstanding team by our side, we have the IT expertise your business needs to succeed. Let orquidea help you take the next steps in your digital transformation.

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Secure your business, now! Want to know how?

Bespoke IT Services

Your needs are our motivation

The world of IT infrastructure is vast – and virtually no company in the world can offer all services that their clients might need out of the box. At orquidea, we often receive requests from our clients for specialized services that might not be a part of our core offering. We accommodate client requests by offering these specialized services as bespoke services which are either through our technology partners or through specialists in our organization.

Bespoke IT services that we offer to our clients include:

As the world gears up to be a smarter place than ever, manufacturing units and factories are getting increasingly interested in increasing automation and reducing waste to give way to intelligent, empowered and optimized processes, equipment and people. Leverage the knowledge of our project managers and get your industry on the smart bandwagon today!

The system for big needs. With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, you can ensure your content is consistent and personalized for every customer. Create and manage digital experiences for all channels with automated tools that make it easy to scale. Leverage digital asset management, digital sign-in and forms, and cloud services from Adobe.

Manufacturing units and large industries depend on SAP for management of people, processes and resources. With our experience in SAP, we can help your organization maintain efficiency, reliability and quality at all times.

We’re here for you

The list of bespoke services that we offer to our clients does not end here. The highly trained and experienced consultants at orquidea are ready to offer everything you need – from specialized IT Services to IT Consulting or Software Development. We’re here for you – no matter what your need may be.

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