Establishing a Project Management Office for success

When your customers expect the timely delivery of the best products and services you can offer, why let them down? With orquidea’s Project Management Office, you can achieve world-class quality and outstanding results to one-up your competition. A Project Management Office is not an expense, it is a requirement that showcases your commitment to quality at all times.

A Project Management Office or PMO can help you to:

  • Establish or enhance existing PM processes, tools, templates, metrics and governance
  • Quickly develop project communication strategies
  • Provide world-class onsite PMO leadership, including the management of PM staff
  • Reduce the cost of your projects
  • Focus on your important business objectives
  • Meet your budget goals
  • Increase the success rate of your projects
  • Build a knowledge database of project management skills
  • Enhance communication across the organization

How does orquidea’s PMO help my organization?

At orquidea, we have a singular goal – to send you on the fast track efficiency, today. Our Project Management Office will be staffed with highly experienced project leaders that have essential skills and the leadership experience required to deliver results and drive performance at every stage. Your PMO will establish workflows, processes and activities that will embed discipline into your team and make it more efficient. Once our Project Managers help your company embed this capability into the way you function, your PMO will only be geared for success.

Driving change – from strategy to success!

Establishment of a Project Management Office takes both time and a cultural revolution. As our experts manage all project-related tasks such as communication, reports, events, organizational affairs, project management training, skill, knowledge and risk management – we will be gearing your organization up for success.

Whether it is IT infrastructure, data migration, sourcing or international offshoring needs, we’ve got your back. We have extensive experience working with world-class service providers around the globe and can help you reduce costs while maintaining quality. Whether it is a custom requirement or a typical outsourcing requirement to a region such as India, we can help you manage your projects within budget, timelines and quality with ease. With orquidea by your side, success comes naturally.

Start your journey

The Project Management experts at orquidea are ready to start your journey to success. Are you ready to embrace success? If yes, contact us today!