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An intelligent, connected, ever learning world

The world we live in today is connected, and intelligent. Nearly every device we use in our daily life is intelligent, smart, connected or a combination of these three words that dominate our lives today. With connected devices such as smartphones, smart cars, smart speakers, smart lighting solutions, smart televisions and many other smart devices seemingly everywhere, there is hardly any facet of our life that is not touched by intelligent technology today. Smart devices are the new normal in our daily life and have become so interlinked with our routine, that it is difficult for us to imagine a day without them.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data – Software Development NG

Artificial Intelligence or AI, Machine Learning or ML and Big Data are the three trending buzzwords in the technology world today. However, many of us are either not familiar with these buzzwords or do not understand that difference between them and their applications in real life.

What are AI, ML and Big Data?

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computing that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Machine Learning is a way to make computers (or devices) learn and think the way we do. Big Data is not only massive amounts of data. Big data requires using mathematical analysis, optimization and statistics to infer causal effects from large sets of data with low information density to reveal relationships and dependencies, or to perform predictions of outcomes and behaviours. This means that AI is an application of ML, which is driven by big data! At orquídea, we leverage the power of AI, ML and big data to create innovative products and solutions that make their way into some of the most sophisticated services and devices available in the world today. The intelligent solutions we design today will help you and your customers lead a safer, better-connected life tomorrow.

Applications of AI, ML and Big Data

Here are some examples that can shed light on how AI, ML and Big data are used to make our lives better:

Although this might seem like an excerpt from a sci-fi movie to some of us, intelligent cars are all connected. This means that if you encounter a situation where you had to take a hard-left turn because of an unprecedented event, cars will learn and adapt to this situation once they are updated. Cars are running on roads alone, which means that cars will be safer after they learn the correct response to a similar situation. Scene detection and accident mitigation have been made possible using the power of AI and machine learning. Using connected cameras, on-board computers and sensors, cars can make it exceedingly difficult for you to be a bad driver!

Another great example of the application of AI and ML is on mobile phones. Phones might have only one camera, but can take brilliant portrait photos, something that its competition needs two or even three cameras to accomplish. Information is leveraged from PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus) pixels and splits each of these PDAF pixels into left and right halves. This essentially splits an image into a left and right pair even though it is coming from the same lens. This split image contains enough parallax information for the AI engine to estimate the depth of each pixel algorithmically, allowing it to create a depth map for every pixel in the image. This, combined with the usage of AI and ML-driven by the trove of data available at disposal to separate human and background image pixels together creates a fantastic portrait-style image, without requiring a second camera to sense depth.

Online streaming media services provide relevant and optimized recommendations for you so that you do not spend too much time looking for programming that you want, and move to another service. They do this by learning your behavioural patterns (what do you watch, when do you watch it, etc) and leverage these patterns to provide you meaningful recommendations that help you binge-watch shows during the lockdown. These providers collect and analyse your usage data to build predictive learning models that can help you recommend shows according to what you like or what others with similar browsing patterns may have liked These recommendations are powered by AI and ML and driven by data.

Healthcare-engineers, along with other researchers from around the world geared up to the challenge and applied AI and ML to CT and X-Ray diagnostics to quickly and automatically identify lesions in the lungs of patients that can help in rapid detection of illnesses. The algorithm is designed to automatically identify and quantify these abnormal patterns in X-Rays and CT scans, allowing doctors to quickly measure the progression of a disease and also monitor multiple patients at the same time.

AI, ML and Big data are used by large enterprises in all industry verticals to predict demand, reduce workload, enhance safety and security and much more. Here are some notable examples where AI, ML and big data are used to empower, enhance or improve products, processes and solutions:

Business Intelligence and AI can be used to predict repairs and upkeep for heavy machinery, reducing accident rates and production costs while minimizing downtime.

AI, ML and big data are used by the financial industry to detect fraud by training the system with large samples of fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases to detect anomalies automatically.

AI also helps large organizations reduce the number of chat requests their customer support teams may get by using chatbots that can understand human conversation and assist customers in real-time. This reduces reliance on human support agents for menial tasks.

Using large volumes of sales data (big data) to develop predictive models is extremely important for sales teams to make informed business decisions. This helps them effectively target their target audiences with the right products and the right time. Other applications of AI and ML include navigation aids, taxi-hailing apps, personal assistants, Social Media feeds and many, many more. It is difficult today to imagine a day without using one intelligent service or the other. As our lives become interconnected with technology, organizations must respond to these requirements and opportunities to apply artificial intelligence to their solutions when the need arises. A good strategy is to be ready for this change, and have the necessary resources, strategy and planning to support the adoption and implementation of AI and ML in your services or products. A good technology partner such as orquidea can take the guesswork out of your need or desire to leverage the power of AI and ML in your products or services. orquidea can help your organization understand how it can benefit from leveraging the power of AI, ML and big data. orquidea can help empower your organization to do more, intelligently. For more information about how orquidea cutting-edge solutions can help you embrace the power of AI, ML and Big data, click here to schedule an appointment today.

Artificial Intelligence

The world of today is a smarter, more efficient place than ever before. With automation in nearly every industry reducing incidents of manual error to negligible levels.

Machine Learning

We possibly use many devices today that leverage the power of Machine Learning without even noticing it.

Big Data

Smart, data-driven organizations can easily capitalize on a broad variety of data. This data helps these intelligent organizations make informed business decisions.

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