Software Development Products

Innovative at heart

The world of software is vast – from small pieces of code that programmers write to automate mundane tasks, to multi-million-dollar installations of complex enterprise-grade software that take years to develop. However, even the smallest script fosters innovation. And at orquidea, we believe that innovation stimulates perfection. We also believe that the roots of innovation lie in the quest to create simple solutions that solve complex problems. This is the spirit of orquidea that helps us create products that solve problems being faced today.

Our company

Our company culture of innovation, creativity and free-thinking helps us create ground-breaking solutions that help to solve the problems of tomorrow. We leverage our expertise in software engineering, logic and industry experience to create truly remarkable products that will help you get great ROI, immense user satisfaction ratios and customer satisfaction.

Our products

We build our products around the problem statements of our target customers. With detailed market assessment, iterative development rounds and a full-scale real-world testing regimen, we ensure quality, stability and security – which is a hallmark of any product developed by us.

Our confidence

Our confidence comes from our extensive experience, customer focus and our willingness to go back to the drawing board if all is not right. We do not shy away from iterations and do not push out products until we are satisfied with them. This may take more time and make the way longer than expected, but we believe in doing it right the first time.

Our customers

Our customers use our products with the same confidence as we make them. As each new offering reaffirms our commitment to total customer satisfaction, our customers have also been loyal, accommodating and extremely appreciative of our work.

Contact us

If you have a specific need or would like to know more about orquidea’s products and services, send us an email and one of our consultants will get in touch with you shortly.


your first step towards success

A digital transformation is your organization’s ticket to success. The world today is moving faster than ever – and keeping up with the pace becomes a challenge when your organizational processes are manual and archaic.

Leverage the power of digitalization to transform the world of work. Being in sync with our times is important for business success and the adoption of digitalization has now become a prerequisite for individual, industry, and regional success.

At orquidea, we have been a part of the digitalization story of many organizations – whether it was shifting business paradigms or transforming business processes – we’ve been through it all. We have helped organizations increase process efficiency and improve transparency, while helping them boost their topline.

If you are an online platform, your organization might already be 80% digitalized. Add value by going the rest of the way and embracing technology in a holistic, all-encapsulating way.

Our consultants can help you meet regulatory compliance, implement virtualization and digitalize your business processes to complete your digital transformation. Let orquidea be your partner in success!

Industry 4.0

The industrial revolution of our times

Industry 4.0 combines cutting-edge manufacturing technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence to create intelligent, interconnected manufacturing and decision making systems that leverage the power of data and information to drive intelligent results into our world.

It is expected that nearly 80%% of the industry around the world is slated to reach advanced levels of integration and digitization by the end of 2023 in operations, supply chain and related activities. Further, as we reach the end of this decade, it is predicted that supply changes will no longer be able to produce waste by 2029, heralding a total shift in the role efficiency, reliability and digitization will play in the near future.

We at orquidea have been at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution. As the world is beginning to embrace the cutting-edge technologies that drive industry 4.0 to converge Information technology and operational technology, we offer our expertise in the technologies that include:

  • Industrial Internet of Things
    Considered to be the heart of Industry 4.0, IoT is helping the industry of today to solve the problems of tomorrow.
  • Big Data and Analytics
    Data is power. With the vast number of connected devices generating more data than ever before, organizations are dealing with a newer set of problems. orquidea’s IoT and Big Data engineering and analysis services can help your organization with analysing and generating insights from varied data sources. Our highly specialized big data units will perform all activities that are precursors to analytics such as cloud storage, data warehousing and extract-transform-and-load (ETL) using specialized tools such as AWS, Azure, Hive, Hadoop and Spark.
  • Data Security
    At orquidea, we understand the need for security in connected, IoT-driven systems and services. With our holistic security and analysis services, we will ensure that your infrastructure can be used with confidence.
  • Cloud Computing and SaaS
    Cloud computing will allow your organization to reduce its expenditure on IT hardware infrastructure and move your data and computational resources such as QC, CAE and MES systems online to a scalable, highly available SaaS-based system
  • Additive Manufacturing
    Additive manufacturing relies on the power of digital blueprints of products that can be converted into a tangible item using a 3-D printer for use in real-world applications instead of just prototyping, giving rise to smart factories.
    Augmented and Virtual Reality AR and VR help to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world. With growing use in the medical industry, surgeons can use AR glasses to overlay MRI/CT Scan data on the patient, helping them make informed surgical decisions that are minimally invasive. AR and VR also help industries make speedy decisions on the assembly process. By digitally projecting data on items or layouts, working procedures can be decided much faster than ever before.
  • Smart Cities and homes
    Smart homes using voice and device-driven systems are becoming increasingly commonplace. As the world is increasingly switching to home-based digital assistants and smart, connected devices, clusters of smart homes are now transforming into smart cities, where sustainability, efficiency and reliability are the norms.

If you are an organization that is looking to ride the industry 4.0 wave to success, look no further. Our experienced consultants have spent many years helping industries around the world to succeed with the power of IoT, Big Data and Virtualization. Set a consultation today to know how we can help you succeed.


Not by choice, but by design

The internet has ushered in an era of openness and connectivity. Coupled with smart, connected and mobile devices, powerful modern technologies such as AI and IoT, both software and hardware have become intelligent, enabling and generate vast amounts of user data. This data is leveraged by organizations to provide better service quality and engaging user experience to their customers.

In this race to build smarter applications, developers may shift their focus towards user experience rather than security while building applications. In a recent report from Veracode, more than 90% of the applications tested by them had at least one security flaw. From this list of applications, at least 20% of the applications had at least one high severity flaw. A recent case of such a flaw had cost a major wearable manufacturer millions of dollars to fix.

At orquidea, we believe in creating applications that are inherently secure and extensively tested – to ensure that valuable customer data is not compromised at any cost. Security is built into our software development process. With checks at every level, security specialists in each time and standardized protocols for development and testing, we ensure a uniform, secure environment for our software.

Our continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines ensure that we find and plug threats before hackers can find them. This, coupled with world-class application security, encryption, threat detection and shielding tools such as Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and obfuscation can help your application be secure, yet engaging at the same time. Security flaws can cause lasting damages for your company or product – including but not limited to:

  • data theft
  • identity theft
  • financial damages
  • intellectual-property loss

Threat categories are still emerging and attempt to compromise relatively newer products. As threats become more complex, more difficult to find, and more potent in their potential damage to your networks, your data, and your corporate reputation, you must ensure a highly secure application at any cost. Consultants at orquidea have years of experience building highly secure applications for organizations of all sizes. If you are looking for a software vendor that can help you build scalable, secure applications that are engaging at the same time, send us an email to schedule a consultation today.

AI and ML

Supercharge your transition to AI and ML!

Is your move to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnin still an aspiration? Artificial Intelligence is defining transformative technologies as we speak, but companies are still wary of large-scale, company-wide adoption and incorporation of AI and ML. If you wish to transform aspirations into intelligence, you must act – fast!

AI and ML are driving business value for thousands of products, services, people and organizations today. whether it is financial services, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, pharma or marketing, AI and ML are delivering real value and transforming the very way companies do business today.

At orquidea, our consultants have been riding the AI and ML bandwagon for years. With our experience in industry-leading AI and ML platforms and technologies, we have a competitive edge that few can match. We understand that the application of AI is not just a statistical question, but a question that involves people, processes and organizations as a whole. To ensure transparency and understanding while applying AI, we ensure that our clients understand the full view of the model in question and the impact it will have on their business and processes.

As the world gets smarter by the day and machines learn and adapt to our usage patterns, consultants at orquidea are designing solutions that will help people to reduce the complexities in processes and analytics, enhancing productivity and minimizing chances of error. Whether you are looking for data transformation to help you in decision making or thinking about leveraging the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to help your organization make data-driven decisions, we’ve got your back.

If you are ready to embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform the way you do business, just let us know. Our highly experienced consultants will be glad to help your organization succeed.