Workplace Virtual Apps and Desktops

Freedom with uncompromised security and stability

Give your employees the freedom to work from virtually anywhere!

The world is changing, and so are the needs of the modern workforce. The employees of today need to be empowered by you to continue to work freely from anywhere – with the software that they need to succeed. Virtualization gives you the power to ensure that your employees continue to enjoy the same secure experience they get in the office, even when they are working offsite, at client locations or from home.

We at orquidea believe that virtualization, automation and flexibility are the future for every organization. The time to modernize has come. With centralized application delivery, reduced costs and highly enhanced employee productivity coupled with flexibility, workplace virtual apps and desktops can help you embrace the workplace of the future, today.

Why virtualize?

Workplace Virtual Apps and Desktops

The workplaces of today are increasingly allowing employees the flexibility to work from anywhere – eliminating the need to commute, removing geographical boundaries and giving employees the tools they need to succeed – everywhere. Workplace virtual apps and desktops help organizations control access to data and applications centrally – providing greater reliability, fault – tolerance and security compared to individual workstations.

Use Cases

Talent does not know geographical boundaries. This is especially true for the IT industry as you may find experts that you need in any corner of the globe.

Complementary Services

So, you have built an outstanding network with fantastic IT infrastructure, but are you still assigning roles, granting access and installing apps manually?


The world of virtualization is vast – with dozens of vendors and an equally diverse number of offerings, you need to choose a solution that best fits your requirements and budget.