Use Cases

Collaboration with offshore partners

Talent does not know geographical boundaries. This is especially true for the IT industry as you may find experts that you need in any corner of the globe. Offshore partners give organizations the flexibility to reduce their manpower needs while ensuring that their product or service deadlines are met without compromise.

Offshore partners offer companies the power of choice, a large talent pool and specialized services that the company itself might not be able to afford in large numbers. This works especially well for short-term projects, where hiring individuals makes no sense for an organization for a task that might never need to be done again.

Data security is extremely critical for all organizations. With offshore partners often needing access to your systems and networks for tasks and data, maintaining the security and integrity of your corporate data is of the utmost importance. At orquidea, our consultants are frequently contracted for jobs both large and small by organizations around the world. Our consultants have also helped companies around the world to successfully work with offshore partners without compromising on security and data integrity.


The freedom of choice – now in devices

Organizations and employees have had a common point of contention for years – hardware. While organizations believe that hardware should be optimal for work, employees would prefer a device of their choice that allowed them to enhance their productivity while working. Allowing employees to bring in their devices has some inherent problems. Incompatible software or hardware, problems with licensing, exposure to malware, ransomware, viruses and the issue of access to corporate data have deterred organizations from allowing employees to use their own devices.


Simplifying carve-outs – without the caveats

Organizations sometimes opt for a cross-functional separation of business units called a carve out. A carve-out will always have a significant impact on the IT services of the parent company and the carved-out entity, as resources will almost always be shared between them. No matter what the IT-carve-out strategy your company may use, the interim IT infrastructure and data infrastructure will require data and resource sharing between the two entities.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure Environments – without the complexity

Organizations large and small may have work environments that must be secured at all costs. These secured work environments protect your company’s applications and critical data. If these applications or data sets are compromised due to intrusions, ransomware or malware, there could be severe repercussions for the company. Compromised data could be accessed, stolen, changed or destroyed by malicious entities.

Home Offices

the workplaces of the future

The world of today is a better-connected place than ever before. With cafés, living rooms and co-working spaces becoming the offices of the modern age, corporate offices have become irrelevant, and in many cases – outdated. Today, every company needs to rethink the way they work and do business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

two hearts that beat as one

When companies merge or get acquired, a major hassle for all of these companies is the integration of their IT systems or the adoption of the parent company’s systems and networks. IT services in both merged and acquired companies end up spending a considerable amount of time and resources aligning their IT infrastructure and services with each other.

Server based


The IT industry has seen more changes than any other in the last few decades. Computers became small enough to be carried around – compared to the multiple rooms they occupied not many years ago. With a strong emphasis on minimization and portability, computing has moved from rooms to tables to laps to our hands.

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