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Welcome to maracana SDC – a global software company that cares. At maracana we believe that any organization is essentially about people – and our human capital is the most important resource that we have today. Consultants and software engineers at maracana SDC live and breathe technology while ensuring that the spirit of camaraderie and diversity is adopted, celebrated and imbibed in the very essence of our lives.

About us

Imagine a world-class, end-to-end IT services and solutions provider with a global heart. Imagine assisting organizations around the world with innovative and transformative solutions.

Working at maracana

Maracana is a wholly-owned subsidiary of orquidea IT Services GmbH, an innovative software development and IT services company based in Germany.

Software Development Center

Engineering teams at orquidea have been working with clients around the world for years. With customers in nearly every continent around the globe.

Software Development Classical

At maracana, innovation drives the very core of our company and our mothership, orquidea GmbH. It is with innovation that we have managed to reach where we are today.


A highly innovative and research-focused software development company that strives to create future-proof solutions for diverse industry verticals.


maracana SDC Private Limited
Zone -C, 2nd Floor,Quark SEZ,
Industrial Area Extension,
Phase 8, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar,
160059, Punjab

We’re diverse

At maracana, diversity is not just limited to the wide range of technologies we work with or the range of services that we offer. Diversity is also visible in our work culture and the way we hire individuals from around the world. Our multicultural team is our pride and joy – and helps us to learn, teach and grow together.

We’re technical

Whether you’re a software architect, a mathematician or a web designer – we have something in store for you. Our large, technology-agnostic team ensures that our developers learn to embrace all technologies without problems, helping them become all-rounders when it comes to technology.

Begin your journey to success!

So, whether you’re looking at working on mobile apps or you consider yourself to be a full-stack developer, look no further. Apply at maracana SDC today and begin your journey to success!

Welcome to orquidea world.

Your local IT and Software Development partner.

We’re there for you – always! At orquidea, we believe in challenging the status quo. With our world-class facilities around the world, we are ready to help you succeed. Our world-class software engineering team in India will help you create customized software solutions and mobile applications that are built for you!