Software Development Center in India

Software Engineering – at maracana SDC – emulating the orquidea way

Engineering teams at orquidea have been working with clients around the world for years. With customers in nearly every continent around the globe, orquidea works with a multi-cultural, international clientele that occasionally requires communication in their native language, and often also requires localized services in their region.

Around the world

When orquidea looked at expanding operations, they wanted teams at every major innovation hub around the world. However, when it came to Asia – home to many of the fastest-growing economies in the world, orquidea realized that they must have a centre that can serve their customers in Asia, and also benefit from the low-cost, yet world-class talent that Asia had to offer.

orquidea was essentially looking to mirror its services and facilities in Asia and not at outsourcing their services to a third-party. They wanted an office in a region that was relatively pollution-free, yet modern and in sync with the times and could live up to the workplace standards that orquidea had set at home.

The city of Chandigarh, located in the federal state of Punjab, was initially recommended to orquidea by Indian team members, followed by an extensive visit which resulted in immediately finalizing this city as their home away from home. Modern, hip, and energetic, Chandigarh is one of the youngest planned cities in India that has few equals even in the developed world. World-class office facilities offered by a global construction giant sealed the deal and created maracana SDC – orquidea’s office in Chandigarh-India that mirrors and even one-ups the mothership in every respect.

maracana SDC

maracana SDC focusses and encourages orquidea’s corporate philosophy of respect, tolerance and a multi-cultural workplace that binds the team together because of its diversity. maracana inculcates an atmosphere of cooperation and fairness that is considered to be an everyday reality at work, which is the reason why team maracana enjoys being there. As happy employees are highly productive employees, maracana provides world-class analytical, logical and future-proof solutions to maracana’s and orquidea’s clients all over the world. maracana has a highly collaborative, technically sound team that builds world-class products on cutting-edge platforms, creating bleeding-edge solutions that have helped their clients reach new heights of success. maracana leverages and incorporates learnings from orquidea’s experience, helping them create world-class solutions.

Join us

If you’re thinking of being a part of a collaborative, energetic and passionate group of individuals who live, eat and breathe technology, you’re at the right place. maracana SDC will offer you a world-class, international grade working experience that few can rival in the industry. Coupled with options of site visits, targeted training programs and remuneration that is the best in the industry, maracana SDC is the ideal place for you. Join us for an unmatched employment experience.