Software Development

Innovation at the core

At maracana, innovation drives the very core of our company and our mothership, orquidea IT Services GmbH. It is with innovation that we have managed to reach where we are today, helping our customers with value addition, business growth and giving them a fail-proof recipe for success. However, in this quest for innovation, we have not forgotten our roots.

Team maracana has driven, self-motivated and highly skilled software developers that have spent years honing their skills in the industry. We welcome engineers, mathematicians and researchers with diverse skillsets, enabling us to offer our clients a solution that best suits their needs, running on technology that is best suited for the purpose.

In this quest of innovation and perfection, we ensure that our teams are well-trained and consistently updated with what is new in the world of technology. Our team mentors train their co-workers in the technology that they excel in, helping them in career growth and even helping some of our newer team members an avenue that might interest them more.

We are a completely agile, traditional, classical software development company at heart. We use cutting-edge technology to produce bleeding-edge products that are set to revolutionize the way our customers do business. We use enterprise-friendly technologies that integrate well with existing solutions, helping our customers innovative without compromise.

Our traditional software development services help our customers with domain-specific innovations that include:

Joining the classical software development team at maracana opens multiple windows of opportunity for our members. As they explore avenues beyond their core specialization, they start to grasp the nuances of newer technologies and become truly technology-agnostic developers.

We’re here for you.

We are a technology-agnostic company that can work on diverse platforms without problems. Our team is highly experienced with cross-platform and cross-technology development to ensure that you get the best solution for your needs. If you have an enterprise-grade problem that needs a world-class solution, look no further.