Be a Part of the maracana Family

maracana is a wholly-owned subsidiary of orquidea IT Services GmbH, an innovative software development and IT services company based in Germany. maracana’s software development centre in Chandigarh, India reflects the work culture of its parent company in Germany. At maracana, we believe that the following characteristics define the way our company is today:


maracana is an open-minded company. We believe in a free-thinking, collaborative workplace that fosters team spirit and collaboration without any kind of bias.


At maracana, we promote a culture of respect. We respect the culture, traditions and the way of working of our employees and expect that in return from them.


Transparency is at the core of maracana’s corporate philosophy. We are transparent with our employees and our clients and expect them to be fair and transparent with us. This has helped us build high-levels of trust with both our employees and our customers.


maracana believes that supporting those in need is the bare minimum an organization can do. We support our employees as much as possible, ensuring that they remain focused at work and deliver to the utmost potential.


At maracana, we are like family. We do not treat our team members as employees and afford them the same respect that we would to our friends and family.


A highly family-focused company, we believe that giving our employees time with their family is as important as time spent at work, helping employees work in a relaxed, stress-free environment so they can be at their best.

Team maracana is waiting to welcome you into our family. Come, join us for an extremely rewarding experience that is unmatched by any other company around.

Life in the city beautiful

Life should be beautiful. This is the way we have envisioned how our employees should feel while working at maracana and when at home. Living in Chandigarh is an experience in itself. Wide roads with minimal traffic, tree-lined paths, parks spread through the length and breadth of the city and a vibrant sprinkling of art, fine dining and culture make Chandigarh a perfect city.

Chandigarh is a planned, modern city that places a lot of emphasis on quality of life. This resonates with the core philosophy of maracana that puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of life and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Chandigarh will let you spend your evenings walking around in its sprawling parks that are spread over dozens of kilometers, cycle unhindered through its cycle tracks that cover the length and breadth of the city or enjoy driving on its beautiful, well-maintained roads that offer the best driving experience that India has to offer.

Dotted with museums, art galleries, libraries, cultural fests and places of interest throughout the city, Chandigarh offers something for everyone throughout the year. Come, join us for a rewarding career at maracana in Chandigarh, the city beautiful.

Working at maracana

Vision and Mission

maracana, a wholly-owned subsidiary of orquidea IT Services GmbH is a modern software development and services company that strives to make a difference in the world with impactful technology.

Our vision is to create a better future for humanity by solving the pressing problems of the world with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to strive for excellence in everything we do – from building software solutions that solve the very unique and complex problems of our customers to ensuring a happier life for our employees. We at maracana strive to build a better future for us and humanity. We strive to help the world reduce its impact on the environment, one industry at a time. Our solutions are helping companies to move to a highly sustainable, paper-free and ink-free alternative today so that they can conserve the forests for our future generations. Our intelligent IoT-based solutions are helping industries around the world reduce pollution and decrease our carbon footprint to help the earth rejuvenate itself. At the workplace, we treat our employees like family, fostering a culture of innovation, trust, ownership and collaboration that is considered to be the best the industry has to offer.

Values and Beliefs

maracana SDC – a wholly-owned subsidiary of orquidea IT Services GmbH is an innovative software development and services company in India.

At maracana we believe that our core values help us to be a better company and help our team members be better individuals as a whole, helping in their all-round development. Our core values echo the philosophy of orquidea, which drives us to scale newer heights and help our customers succeed. We at maracana believe that we should:

  • Always keep our customers in mind – this helps us to ensure that they are in the focus of all our actions.
  • Only give our best to our co-workers, partners and customers. Those who work with us or use our services have a right to expect an unmatched, world-class experience.
  • Celebrate diversity in all its forms with tolerance and respect. We’re a truly global company with employees, partners and customers from different nationalities, having diverse beliefs and values. Our respect for this diversity is our strength.
  • Respect others and their opinions. This helps us to understand their point of view and can even help us find an innovative way to collaborate and co-exist.
  • Be honest and always help our clients and team members at all times. Honesty can help us deal with situations easily and reduce complications in life.
  • Cooperate and bring about a culture of helping others. As we accommodate and cooperate, we reduce contentions and rivalry at the workplace and in the world in general – helping the world be a better place to live in.
  • Win the Trust of our co-workers and clients, so that we can help them with innovative solutions.
  • Be tolerant towards others, so that we can have the best traits of every person and help them give up those that are not so.
  • Create a global community that works towards the betterment of mankind.

Work Life Balance

Work – now with a sprinkling of life

maracana believes that employees perform best when they are happy. Most individuals feel happiest when they are at home with their family. We understand and respect that fact enough to make it a central tenant of the maracana way of life.

We maintain a very healthy work-life balance for all our employees. This helps our employees to lead a stress-free, rewarding life while working with us. This lowered stress level motivates our employees to be their best at work, and also to enjoy their time at home. At maracana, we understand that too much work makes Jack a dull boy. We also understand the need to take a break once in a while. We offer our employees paid time off to be with their loved ones, helping them rejuvenate and get back refreshed to find innovative solutions to the complex problems of our customers. We encourage our employees to take that long-put-off bike ride, or spend time sailing, or even help them find hobbies and interest group within or outside our organization that can help them stay focused while at work. We put a strong emphasis on the happiness quotient of our employees as we believe that happy employees are successful employees. Come, join the amazing team at maracana and enjoy a work-life balance unheard of in the industry.

Globetrotters we shall be..

Employees at maracana get the advantage of working with a truly global team. With offices and colleagues spread all over the world, team maracana leverages the global reach of its parent organization – orquidea IT Services GmbH to ensure that its employees can get the best any company can offer. maracana employees get the advantage to work with their colleagues at their corporate headquarters in Germany or with their international counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Additional Advantage

Our consultants also get the additional advantage of working at client locations around the world, making maracana and orquidea truly global enterprises.